UBNL Hackathon

March 2nd - March 3rd | Davis Hall Atrium

For this competition you will be tasked with solving two cube-sat challenges. Obviously, we can’t reveal the nitty gritty of the problems to you at the moment so for now here are the general details:

  • Image Processing challenge
  • Optical communication challenge

*Note, any hardware needed for the challenge will be provided by us, you just need a computer to code on.

Both of these challenge directly relate to the current missions we are developing. This means that if we really like the code you have written there’s a chance it could end up in space!

We will be kicking off the festivities at 10:00 AM on Saturday, March 2nd by introducing the challenges in detail along with what parameters you will be assessed on. Plenty of food and coding will follow up until the final ceremonies on the following day at noon. Everyone will submit their final code, winners will be announced and then awarded their prizes. Note you do not need to be present throughout the entire event, the only important times are at the beginning to receive the problems and for the final ceremonies to submit code.

Food WILL be provided for this event. For Saturday, we will have breakfast, a full meal in the late afternoon, and late night snacks as we head into…Sunday! Where we will be providing breakfast again before the closing ceremonies.

You are allowed and encouraged to form teams of up to 4 people. You do not need to declare who your team members are when you register. However, space is limited (cap at 75 people) so make sure your team members register in time so they don’t get shutout. If you don’t have a team do not fret! The challenges we are presenting are more than doable by a single person in the time allotted. So if you prefer taking this on as a personal challenge then go for it! Also team registration will be on going during the beginning of the event so if you end up meeting someone you’d want to team up with on Saturday morning that is an option as well.

If there are any additional questions you have regarding the event reach out to us at nanosat-management@ubseds.org.