Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I get involved?

Contact a member and attend an orientation/recruitment event. Visit the Join Us page on our website: https://www.ubnl.space/join-us

Do I have to be a US citizen

Unfortunately, only US citizens or permanent residents are permitted to join our team. We are considered an ITAR project, which means that occasionally we have sensitive information. However, UBNL works closely with our sister organization SEDS. SEDS has many space-related projects that are similar to UBNL, check out their website at https://www.ubseds.org/

What qualifications do I need?

An interest in space exploration and a U.S. citizenship (for ITAR purposes) are all you need to join. All UB students (both Undergraduate and Grads) are welcome no matter what your major or year.

Can I get course credit?

Yes, you can get credit for your major’s independent study course (MAE 499, EE499, CSE 499, etc.) (599 for grad students). You can also use MAE499 to satisfy a technical elective. If you’d like to know more, reach out to us at Nanosat-management@ubseds.org

Does this count as an internship?

The work we do on the missions is similar to the type of work you would have in an internship except with lots of friends on your team. UBNL regularly sponsors local high school students to satisfy their internship requirements. UBNL has a reputation for students getting jobs and internships at companies like NASA and AFRL. Your success with UBNL is really up to you!

What if I don’t have any previous experience?

You don’t need any experience to get involved. We make it a point to provide access to the training students need to make an impact both in UBNL and the engineering industry. It is highly recommended that members without much experience get familiar with the lab doing a short cycle project with SCL. If you’d like to know more, reach out to us at Nanosat-management@ubseds.org

What opportunities does UBNL provide for its members?

UBNL provides the opportunity to learn, to get involved on campus, and to meet like-minded individuals who love science and engineering. Many students who join UBNL get internships and jobs at some of the most sought after companies such as NASA, the Air Force Research Lab, and local companies like MOOG.

Can I join as a freshman? How about as a senior?

You are welcome to join as a freshman. Many of our leaders and managers started out as freshmen. Seniors are also welcome. It's never too early, or too late to join. We also gladly welcome graduate students.

What if I’m not sure what subsystem to join?

The Short Cycle Lab is always a great choice for members who aren’t sure what subsystem they would like to join. SCL works on short term projects that help acquaint students with the lab and the engineering process. SCL is also a great way to add some project experience to your resume or portfolio.

Will I need to pay for anything?

Nope. Joining UBNL is free. We are funded through many government and university-sponsored grants.

Do I get paid?

Nope, all UBNL members are volunteers. However, most UBNL members would agree that the knowledge and experience gained from joining is equally as valuable.

Is UBNL involved in any community outreach?

UBNL occasionally works on community outreach projects. In the future, we plan to make an even greater effort to reach out.

What if I need lab access?

Leaders and Managers have access to the main lab. If you need to get into the lab to work on a project, you can find their contact information at https://www.ubnl.space/join-us/contact-lists