UB Nanosatellite Laboratory

University at Buffalo Nanosatelite Laboratory

Current Missions


FALCON, the Formation Attitude Laser Communication Orbital Navigator satellite is the fourth and current mission being constructed by our team. 

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Henry Leach

FALCON - Chief Engineer

Ryan Flora

FALCON - Program Manager

GLADOS, our oldest mission, the GLint Analyzing Data Observation Satellite is currently in progress with an anticipated launch in late-2019.

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Kurt Henderson

GLADOS - Program Manager

Dylan Sandler

GLADOS - Chief Engineer


LinkSat is the University at Buffalo Nanosatellite Laboratory’s third mission. It is a 3U Nanosatellite funded by NASA’s Undergraduate Student Instrument Project with Dr. Crassidis as the Principal Investigator.

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Ryan Daniels

LinkSat - Chief Engineer

Sarah Frey

LinkSat - Program Manager

Short Cycle Lab

The UBNL Short Cycle Lab, or “SCL” provides students with the opportunity to build experience on multi-disciplinary short-term projects related to satellites and nanosatellites. The aim of the lab is to introduce students to the tools and skills of UBNL, the systems engineering process, and satellite basics.

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Chet Knoer

SCL - Program Manager

Tyler O'Connor

SCL - Assistant Manager