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Our Lab

Earth from Space
Getting involved in the lab is as easy as emailing or talking to any lead. No prior skills are necessary when joining UBNL. All skills necessary to be successful in the lab can be taught in house!

Anyone attending the University at Buffalo can join UBNL. We are mainly an undergraduate lab so freshman are always welcome! This lab can also be taken as a technical elective after successful completing one semester of UBNL. For more info please email a Program Manger in the 'Join us' Section.

Our Mission and Short Cycle Lab

Currently UBNL has 1 mission and a Short cycle lab (SCL). The oldest mission GLADOS has been in works for 11 years and is set to launch in 2025. SCL is great for just starting out in the lab. SCL will teach you many of the necessary skills to work on a nano-satellite and let you try out different subsystems. SCL is great for people who want to work in the lab but cant decide on a subsystem or great for people just joining the lab. 


GLADOS is a 6U cubesat. GLADOS is currently testing its satellite to see if it passes all the necessary tests to move onto phase C. Phase C is where the final version of GLADOS is built in house and will be sent off into space. Currently GLADOS is in need of many people. Any questions about GLADOS please contact anyone on GLADOS.

Short Cycle Lab

The SCL is amazing for anyone joining the lab and does not know where to start. The SCL will teach you the basics of every subsystem in the lab. Students in the SCL will work on various projects such as a high altitude balloon. Any questions about SCL please contact anyone on SCL

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