Leah Nolan

Major: Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Current year: Junior
Position: Incoming Program Manager

I first joined UBNL when a bunch of my friends were getting involved during my freshman year. I was just beginning my studies as a Mechanical Engineer but didn’t know what I wanted to do with it yet. After joining, I quickly got very involved. In my first year, I helped do work for the Structures, Thermal, and Integration & Testing subsystems. In Fall of 2017, I was promoted to Program Manager of a new program called the Short Cycle Lab. It introduced new members of the lab to the higher-level skills we use through hands on projects. In November 2018, I switched gears and became Program Manager of the LinkSat Mission. I’m excited to be able to say that I helped send this mission to space!

After working in UBNL for the past two years, I realized that I have a true passion for space exploration and am now a double major in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering. After graduation in 2020, I would like to pursue a career in the aerospace industry as a mechanical systems engineer.