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GLADOS is a 6U cubesat that has a visible light camera to characterize objects in GEO. GLADOS utilizes Glint when characterizing objects by their shape and size. Improved Space Situational Awareness (SSA) for the active and inactive space object population allowing faster detection of anomalies and potential threats by tracking orientation states as well as translational states. GLADOS is set to fly by 2025.

Upscale GLADOS.jpeg

What is Glint?

Glint is when specular reflection of sunlight through single scattering from highly reflective objects. when an object reflects a significant amount of light GLADOS (magnitude of -4 to 12) can characterize the object. 

Our oldest mission GLADOS is 11 years in the making. Entering late phase B in the UNP program. GLADOS is currently testing hardware and software while developing a flight ready satellite.

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