Ryan Daniels

Major: Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Current year: Freshman
Position: Chief Engineer

When I first learned of the UB Nanosat Lab, it was from a single page poster on a bulletin board while touring the campus.  I knew instantly that this was something I had to be a part of. Space has always been a huge passion of mine, and the opportunity to work on a space bound project was too incredible to pass by.  I got involved at the beginning of my first semester and have been an active and invested member of the team since. I have worked on both the structural and thermal subsystems, but was recently selected to be the new Chief Engineer of the LinkSat mission.  To have the opportunity to help deliver a project of this scope is unreal, to be quite honest, but I’m ready and committed to finish this satellite!

While I’m currently a freshman and have a lot of learning to do before I’m ready to fully take up the reigns of my position, thanks to the help and mentoring of my more senior lab teammates I have been making a great transition to the role.  After graduation in spring of 2022, I hope to follow a career path in the Aerospace field, with a preference of working in the space industry.